Island Living

If you’re considering Island Living,  then you’re likely interested in learning more about all of the islands in the Puget Sound. For many buyers, access to amenities, healthcare, schools, etc is a top consideration. Another consideration is access to the island.  Is there a bridge or is access by a ferry only. Is the ferry a private ferry or part of the  Washington State Ferry system?

All About Islands

To find out more about Vashon Island's history, see the following link: or check out videos on my playlist on my You Tube Channel.

There are so many islands to consider.  Here's a great link to Washington's Top 20 islands to visit.
                       Vacation or Lifestyle or check out these Island Videos.

Attractions and Activities

Because the Puget Sound Islands are filled with such natural wildlife and splendor, it should come as no shock  that some of the most popular attractions in the area are state parks and other wildlife attractions. In addition to natural attractions, there is also plenty of shopping and dining to be had on islands as well.  Some of the most popular attractions in the area include  Art Studio Tours, Garden Tours,  Wineries, Cideries, and restaurants.  Check out how to plan your Visit on Vashon Island


 There is no lack of community events and involvement in these unique island communities.   Therefore, if you’re wanting to move to a community where you can really forge a bond and place in the area, Puget Sound Islands won’t disappoint you. Check out Vashon Events here.
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